“Just a note to say that I’ve really noticed how he has progressed since going to the Montessori. I’m really pleased with this as I know how much effort and patience and love that you all give to each and every child. It’s truly appreciated”

“He has benefited from a wonderfully progressive and pro-active environment in Leeson Park, with great carers/teachers, that I’m sure will stand to him in the future. I sincerely hope that his education continues to grow at the high standard that has been afforded him in his time spent in Leeson Park Creche & Montessori”

“We really appreciate the staff as our baby is clearly very happy in the baby room and is obviously very fond of the girls who have been so very kind and caring…”

“We just want to say how happy we were with our time in LP. It really has been a home away from home and he and we have been extremely happy with everything….special word of thanks to Management who we have found at all times to offer a balance of love for the children, interest in our family and professionalism…there will definitely be tears on our last day!”

“Just to say we are moving on but also thrilled we have been with the school….she has been so lucky to be with you all for this past time…”

“Due to our house move it is with great regret that we are taking her out of an environment that she is so familiar with and has thrived in, and we will miss all of the staff who have given her such excellent care for this past time.”

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